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Anti-Vandal Window Protection Systems

What is Glaze-Guard?

Glaze Guard has a number of different purpose designed aluminium profiles which can be powder coated, made to any ‘made to measure’ size and incorporates a water clear Marlon (with or without a Hardcoat) or Margard MRX sheet of varying thicknesses. Marlon / Margard MRX is over 250 times stronger than glass, is lighter than glass and has a 10 year warranty against breakage, will not splinter or shatter like glass.  The hard surface coating option provides a high level of resistance to abrasion and weathering and allows grafitti to be easily removed and is backed by a 5 – 10 warranty against loss of light transmission and coating failure.

How is Glaze-Guard fitted?

Glaze-Guard is fitted onto or into the sashes and fixed lights of windows and doors. Unlike grills or wire mesh and sheets that cover the complete window, Glaze-Guard allows the window to be used as normal, does NOT restrict fire escapes, and does not stop any daylight from entering in a room.  Coloured the same as the window, it blends into the window and is very difficult to detect and can be fitted to the majority of uPVC, timber and aluminium windows for additional security and damage prevention.

Please note that condensation may appear on both systems as the systems are mainly designed for greater security.

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